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2into3 are Ireland’s leading specialist advisors and capacity builders for the not-for-profit sector. Each year, 2into3 produces an Annual Fundraising Report.

This report is the only one of its kind in Ireland, however there has been a request by the sector for a more frequent and up-to-date monitoring service which 2into3 now provide.


The 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor provides frequent and comprehensive information on Ireland’s fundraising landscape.

Each report provides extensive benchmarking data, allowing you to compare your fundraising experience with that of your peers both within and across subsectors.

Every quarter, the following will be reported for the Not-for-Profit sector as a whole and by subsector:



  • Total fundraised income
    • By quarter
    • Year to date
    • Compared with previous quarter
  • Moving average of fundraised income
  • Fundraised income by method
  • Cost of fundraising by method
  • Cost of recruitment channel used, for specific methods.

What is involved?

Each participating organisation will be asked to submit a short survey to capture the relevant data. Data will be confidential and presented in aggregate

The report will only be distributed to participating organisations and each report will have a unique identification number

Participating organisations will receive four reports over a 12 month period


Subscription to the 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor is based on an affordable annual fee.

Subject to 23% VAT




Free Service Option

Find out More

Find out more or request a sample report here

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