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2into3 are Ireland's specialist advisors and capacity builders for the not-for-profit sector. We work with social sector leaders and collaborate with partners to help scale impact, develop sustainability, build leadership and innovate.



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Arts Council’s RAISE pilot reports increase in private funding

Irish arts organisations are generating more money from private investment, the Arts Council said today.

Ireland Can Learn From Scotland's Charity Sector Crisis

2into3 undertook analysis of Scottish data to identify giving trends in the wake of a charitable sector crisis in 2003.

McIlroy sets up charitable foundation

Rory McIlroy has set up his own foundation to help children's charities around the world.

How Northern Ireland became the new Finland

Teachers and policymakers in Northern Ireland got a surprise Christmas present last month, in the shape of an enviable slot in international literacy and numeracy rankings. According to the study, Northern Irish primary pupils performed better in reading and numeracy than in any other English speaking country in the world.


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